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Rushtons Insolvency Ltd provide financial solutions for Companies and Individuals who are struggling to manage with their financial affairs.

As a firm of Insolvency Specialists, we provide the Members Voluntary Liquidation service which is a Liquidation process for solvent Companies. It can facilitate the efficient extraction of funds and or assets from a company which attracts reduced tax treatment by HMRC subject to certain criteria being met and closes the Company and its affairs down in a very orderly controlled manner. A Members Voluntary Liquidation is regarded as an excellent procedure to use for a Companies Tax planning and exit strategy following a sale or the gradual winding down of a Company.

Rushtons have been recommended for its insolvency services by fellow professionals such as accountants and solicitors across the country since 1948 which is when the late Mr G E Rushton founded the firm.

Building on traditional values established in the firms formative years of providing sound reliable advice, Rushtons Insolvency Ltd is recognised for its common sense and proactive approach to what are often very difficult situations for Companies and Individuals who feel they have no where to look to for advice.

If you would like to speak to a member of Rushtons then please get in touch via the Contact us Page. We have advisors with a wealth of experience who will be able to guide you and provide you with the right advice no matter what your situation.

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